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AIMunshi is an intelligent financial data extraction and validation tool that helps enterprises save costs on overpayments and financial misreporting.
It allows the users to retrieve automatic alerts on transactions, along with analytics reporting with real-time figures.
More importantly, the invoice data capture and storage capabilities drives rapid processing of data with vendors in real-time.
AIMunshi has evolved as the feasible option for firms wanting to automate their entire financial functions with innovative and intelligent tools.

All the financial documents such as invoices and credit notes that are sent through email can be stored and processed within file systems using RPA powered by UiPath.

Microsoft Azure

The tool is capable of extracting required data-fields and line items and details from the desired invoices and credit notes as underlined by accounts function.

Aws Administrator

The extracted information is displayed in any of the desired formats of choice including JSON, PDF or CSV. The same is stored into an output file specified with selected path.

SQL Server DBA (Database Administrator)

The tool stores the extracted information into databases of choice. The major fields are stored as individual columns whilst the line items are stored in JSON fields.

Office365 and Open-Source Email Servers

All the important tasks including receiving, extraction, format conversion, and storage of data in the desired format is fully managed with RPA-powered automation tool.


Data stored from invoices and credit notes and converted to processed files is distributed across three confidence levels, namely Low, High, and Medium (Kindly refer the appendix).


AIMunshi is effective for precise billing of different projects for a client. The tool can extract individual items from columns representing multiple projects with great consistency

LINUX Administrator

AIMunshi can store information on log processing, and translate the technical error or success messages into business-specific terms for end-users efficiently


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  • Receive the Invoice, Credit note from either Email or via API calls
Knowledge sharing
  • Store the original copy of document in file system or in cloud
Virtual Labs
  • Perform the data extraction using Artificial Intelligence
  • Do the necessary prediction or self correction wherever required
  • Apply the business validation & rules which are applicable
One-on-one Coaching:
  • Create the output in desired format as well as store in database of choice
Skills Evaluation:
  • Has out of box reporting analytics

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AIMunshi is the ideal option for automating data extraction from your documents with Artificial Intelligence. The product enables retrieval and storage of financial data in line with relevant business validation rules.

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